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    • I need to sell my truck. 1998 Toyota Tacoma. 411K miles on original 2.4L 4 cylinder engine. Tires 2 years old. Blew head gasket in January, driven 3 miles sinces, never overheated. $1100 firm. $1000 if you mention Elonara or Lonn.

    • How do I get crafts from Jazzfest? Ima achin for a cool jazzfest coffee mug

    • I need a GPS for uncharted territory.
      Open to suggestions…

      • Your phone. Get

        • That’s the second time I’ve heard that recommended.
          I was being a smarty pants in this case though.
          But duly noted.
          I will look them up.

          • Hi Bob,
            I’ve made some major changes to Elonara. Stop by and let me know what you think.

            • I’m just looking in now for the first time in while…(I’ve been BUSY watching the world collapse, it’s riveting) – but I like the new look and and feel.
              It’s eversomuch shinier than before, I will check for both the “edit” and “automate dark humor” features that mean so much to me 🙂

    • I’m feeling socially distant…if not outright rude.
      I only let myself stoop to this level for our mutual pandemic recovery and over-all health.
      Let me know how I’m doing…
      Now piss off.
      At least six feet.

    • On corona virus updates – this guy is well informed, level headed and not given to spouting conspiracy theories.
      There’s some concerning info in this, fast forward to the 10 minute mark and see for yourself.

    • Whelp.
      Looks like the USA Titanic just broke in two.
      At this point it looks like a life boat is the only safe place to be.
      On a brighter note – the whole federal govmint is probably self-distracted enough that a fifth grader could probably finish it off with solid bat-swing to the head.
      Go fifth graders!!!

    • This is one of those rare moments when everything works.
      I’m parked in my roadhouse out in the Arizona desert where the virus *isn’t*, my solar panels are keeping things charged, my cell phone which often frustrates me to no end – actually does work as a mobile hot spot so I’ze gots interwebs, and with a little futzin on my generator which I have…Read More

    • nate sullivan posted an update in the group Group logo of HAM RadioHAM Radio 1 year ago

      Nature vs VSWR – Fight! Yar, unfair I know. Just yesterday I had tensioned up the radiator, and I think the lowest was 1:1.12, and a few other dips were damn close to that. This morning I saw that the sag was back “Hmmm, what does it say now?” So the sag has mad my vswr a lil worse for wear. The scan range here is 3-15MHz. The 80M, 40M, 20M bands…Read More

    • nate sullivan posted an update in the group Group logo of HAM RadioHAM Radio 1 year ago

      A couple of antenna pix!

      1 Comment
      • So what, a tree right 🙂 That’s actually one of the CHA EmComm II ends; strung up with a pulley for maintenance and adjustment. The grey cylinder is the goodness that is the CHA EmComm II. 60 foot radiator on the left, and 20 or so feet of counterpoise on the right.

    • I’m just stopping be to practice my anti-social distancing.
      Let me know how I’m doing.
      Thank you.

      • Gord I wish I could edit my typo’s here.

        • I’m working on it. A better editor for activity posts is on the roadmap.
          I need help with this. This is a huge project.

        • And done. Now you can edit your posts. It’s not perfect but it will work.

          • Yay!
            Thank you 🙂
            ~And~ I used the ‘Home’ button for the first time today…
            I really like that feature.

            • Although…I do not find the edit feature for individual posts.
              How do I proceed with that?

    • For the HAM nerds! I have had several antennas over the years, but I think I’m over the high of antenna creation. The CHA EmComm II is fantastic!! 130 bux, 60 feet of radiator, super portable, and easy to deploy. I didn’t know that I could hear stations as far away as Florida, but damn! There is…Read More

      • We’ll all be HAM nerds before this viri debacle is over…
        Guess I better take a look at your antenna and start looking for old radio tubes at swap meets.
        (Socially distant swap meets of course)

        • Indeed! I am by no means saying that this is “THE” antenna to be had by everyone, but the price to broadband(edness) ratio is pretty awesome. Also, all of the metrics were generated by a NonoVNA. So I do have the $200+ antenna analyzer from MFJ; no comparison. The NanoVNA is a 1/4 of the price, and exceeds in all areas. You know you want some…Read More

          • I have admit my own antenna knowledge is pretty weak.
            So if I do end up with one I’m likely to lean heavily on your research.
            I think I can pronounce ‘dipole’.
            But who’s ever really sure?

            • Definitely NOT a bad choice! I don’t know anything about dipole matching, but the told tried-and-true dipole is had to beat in several departments.

    • Treasury secretary Micheal Hudson
      Secretary of State Chris Hedges

    • This is my Youtube feed lately –
      (From Jennifer Zing via Twitter) –
      26 caves collapsed.
      How many monkeys died?
      Only 5K trees ruined.
      How many monkeys died?
      All alive moneys transferred to safe places.
      How many monkeys died?
      Relatives of the dead monkeys are emotionally stable.
      How many monkeys died?
      We saved one today.
      Nothing but gas…Read More

    • Clicked on suggested youtube video for a pop song.
      Got said song stuck in my head as an ear-worm.
      Used ear drops.
      Ear-worm still there.

    • I’m ready for the new South Park movie.
      “Older, crankier, less tolerant”.
      I’d pay to see that…

    • “We don’t need your data. We don’t collect your data.”
      Yes…but do you have badges?

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