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    • This is a wordpress site for anyone that didn’t notice. So it’s pretty simple and super complex at the same time?
      I’m proud of myself for the level I have been able to reach with it but also painfully aware of how far short of my goals it currently is.
      I’m open to any kind of help I can get. So far this has been a one pony show. That’s not…Read More

    • OK. I see some new members. Welcome.
      What do you think about SpaceX?

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    • Is anyone using a print on demand service? What do you think?

    • nate sullivan posted an update in the group Group logo of HAM RadioHAM Radio 1 year ago

      Nature vs VSWR – Fight! Yar, unfair I know. Just yesterday I had tensioned up the radiator, and I think the lowest was 1:1.12, and a few other dips were damn close to that. This morning I saw that the sag was back “Hmmm, what does it say now?” So the sag has mad my vswr a lil worse for wear. The scan range here is 3-15MHz. The 80M, 40M, 20M bands…Read More

    • nate sullivan posted an update in the group Group logo of HAM RadioHAM Radio 1 year ago

      A couple of antenna pix!

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      • So what, a tree right 🙂 That’s actually one of the CHA EmComm II ends; strung up with a pulley for maintenance and adjustment. The grey cylinder is the goodness that is the CHA EmComm II. 60 foot radiator on the left, and 20 or so feet of counterpoise on the right.

    • Lonn Holiday posted an update in the group Group logo of EntrepreneursEntrepreneurs 1 year, 3 months ago

      Hi David.
      May I suggest you invite Melissa to this group? She is our first vendor.

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      • This is a comment. This is what a comment looks like. I also “liked” this post. I think that means I can filter for it. I don’t think that means it gets “rated” and place higher in the feed. If it does, I will disable likes.

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