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No Algorithms

You decide, not the system. What this means is, you chose who to include in the groups you communicate with and what you post there. You can view activities from just your groups, all your friends, or the whole world. It is entirely up to you. We never make these decisions for you. And when you post something to a group, no algorithm determines what order it is listed in if at all. Your post is simply added to the list. There is no “like” button so if you like something, you can add it to your “favorite” list. And it will be there until you remove it.


If you post something privately, it’s private, if you post it publicly, it’s public. It’s that simple.


We don’t need your data. We don’t collect your data. We don’t offer advertising, therefore we don’t target advertising. We don’t have any use for your data so we don’t collect any. You chose a username and password when you create your account. You also enter your name. This is how people will find you. So you might want to use your real name. We also need an email address for verification (to protect you) and system messages. We will pay the bills with a small fee on transactions in the marketplace.

We include a free marketplace for everyone. Any member can create a shop.

If you’re an entrepreneur or would like to be, we offer a free marketplace like Etsy and Shopify. Our marketplace is a woocommerce multi-vendor site. Each member can create their own store and sell almost anything. We do not currently have a booking system for gigs,  performances, or appointments but this is on our roadmap. So is a “craigslist” style single item open market. You don’t need to create a store to participate in everything we offer for free. A fee on successful transactions in the marketplace is how we support the site.

But you have to bring your friends to make it work. On your profile page there is a “Send Invites” link. Use this to invite up to ten friends to join the site at a time. You will find a similar link on any of your group pages. From here you can invite other members to your group.

There is now an FAQ here:

David Eberhardt

Principal Consultant. CFO, Keeps us alive.

Lonn Holiday

Artist, entrepreneur, geek. The perfect mix of creativity, technical savvy, and business acumen to get this done.

Marcus Whiting

Marketing Content Writer, Musician. Creates beautiful and compelling prose.

“If I had asked my customers what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse.”

Henry Ford